For us at Crystal Pix, ‘Big Picture’ has multiple meanings:

It means everything visual AND everything aural that we create… imagery, design, motion, animation, music and sound … and how those elements have a lasting impression on people. They create a mood and emotion. They can change people’s perspective on life, on other people. They can stir the  imagination to change our world.

It also means taking a step back when you begin to work on a project. Look at the purpose of the project. Who is the audience? What is the end result or the takeaway feeling that you want your audience to experience? Then consider the elements in producing the project … the assets you have to work with, the budget, the timeline … When you do all that, then you can create a film, a video, a multimedia experience that has impact for your audience, no matter how big or small the job might be.

And if you consider the ‘Big Picture’ on every project you work on, you will often have the opportunity to see a ‘big result’ from your efforts. Whether it’s a faint chuckle or hearty laughter, a feeling of hope or optimism, or a subtle tear … that’s the moment when you can say, “Ah, we did it …”