Here’s a behind the scenes look at the latest 360|365 Film Festival Shorts Contest Trailer.  Every few months the festival presents a theme that filmmakers can submit 3 minute films. Crystal Pix was given the theme of mini-musicals and from there took the project from script to screen.

Mini-Musicals Trailer Script

First was the brainstorm of trying to figure out an interesting way to present this theme.  Of course as in other themes, the promo video would play by the same rules that the filmmakers need to in the contest.  Less than 3 minutes and a musical.

First came to mind a grand musical stage number with dancers, such as the Music Man… but logistically (little to no budget) and with the time constraints, we knew we had to keep it a bit more manageable, that’s when we came up with the barbershop quartet concept… dress them up like CEO’s and write a song about the contest.

Next, Don Casper wrote the song and script, using “Hello My Baby”, a barbershop standard as the base tune.  After a little googling and research a local group was found called Fever Pitch that was interested in the project.

Storyboards/shot list whipped up and off to shoot in a conference room at the Rochester Visitors Center on East Ave.

Filming day was a blast, Scott, Dick, Bob and Al were all great sports even when sticking cameras in their faces, asking them to act and sing the song about 30 times.  Ray shot the entire piece using a Canon 5D DSLR and second system audio courtesy of John Ebert.  The whole piece was edited in about a day and was posted to YouTube within 24 hours after that.

As of writing this blog, the contest is still going, so we don’t know who the winner is or how many submissions, but check them out at the 360|365 Shorts YouTube Channel.


Crystal Pix

360|365 Film Festival

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