The Crystal Pix Diner

The road is long for everybody. It doesn’t matter if you’re a advertising agency, a Fortune 500 company, a small business or even a producer in the entertainment industry. When you’re weighed down with a bunch of audio/visual communication projects, it sure is nice to have someone who understands and can help haul that load. You look up ahead and see the exit for Fairport, NY. And that’s when you find us: Crystal Pix. For over 18 years, we’ve been serving up marketing programs, TV commercials and corporate training videos. We’ve even expanded our menu to serve producers and directors whose narrative and documentary programs are seen across the globe.

So park that rig, take a seat and get comfy. Whether you’re a new client or one of our satisfied ‘regulars’, we’re all about making you feel at home. Hope you’re feeling chatty. We pride ourselves on having open and honest communication with our customers. It’s all about nurturing great relationships with clients and vendors alike. Common sense will tell you, that’s how you gain their respect.

It’s no wonder we’re considered one of the most successful establishments of its kind in the Rochester, NY area and upstate New York. With that distinction comes responsibility to our community. Our employees devote countless hours of their time and energy to create programs that help non-profit organizations. For us, helping those in need is as sweet as any dessert.

Now, a lot of places are prone to fish-tales, so don’t take our word for it. Check out our trophy case. It’s full of award-winning work that is sure to satisfy. Go on, check it out. We’ll keep your coffee warm for you.

Our People

Anne Mills
Production Coordinator /
Client Services
Ray Manard
Owner / Director
Greg Short
Creative Director /
Interactive Media
Craig Mullen
Editor / Visual Effects