The Definition of “High Definition”

Okay, so when you’re in the film/video business, there’s always been a lot of talk about formats … 35mm, Super16, HDCam, XDCam, Digital Beta, DVCPro and blah, blah, blah … But nowadays, HD is the buzzword that is pretty much on everyone’s mind. On the shoot or in the edit the question is always, “Is [...]

Exploring a Paychex MicroSite

Recently, Paychex came to us with an idea for a video that needed to play within a new microsite that they were launching.  Actually, it was 3 videos, 2 of which needed to play simultaneously. The first video was a short introduction video that required 1 shot only … a man in a chair sitting [...]

The Sky’s the Limit!

In this age of airport and airline security, it can be difficult to gain the full access you need to shoot a product video on an airplane with all the crew, equipment, lighting, talent, extras and props that you need.  So what do you do in that scenario?  You create the interior of a 737 [...]

World Class Film Festival with a Small Town Charm

They definitely know how to do it right at the Rome International Film Festival, about an hour and a half outside of Atlanta.  Jim Hughes and I spent two wonderful days getting to know the people and the rich history of Rome, GA, a vibrant small city in the middle of several colleges in the [...]

Signs of the Time Goes to Iowa

  Corn … miles and miles of corn.  The plane’s 200 feet off the ground and I still see corn.  Yeah, you guessed it.  There’s a lot of corn in Iowa. But anyways, our documentary, Signs of the Time hit the road with it’s first out of New York State film festival, the Hardacre Film [...]

A People Person

Over the years being in this business, I’ve been forced to become a ‘people person’, which I never thought I would become.  Growing up, I was a relatively shy person. But you know, I’ve met so many people on productions, from all different walks of life and it’s really one of the reasons that I [...]