Upstate New York production in the RED …and that’s a good thing!

Taking advantage of a high-resolution digital cinema workflow doesn’t mean you have to travel far.  In Upstate New York, just outside of Rochester, locally owned Crystal Pix has made significant investments to upgrade its camera and post-finishing gear that provide optimal lens to final master solutions for 4K RED RAW productions. RED cameras have quickly [...]

Final Cut Pro to Avid DS HD Upconvert Conform – The Project

Awhile ago I had a workflow challenge to overcome and thought I would share my experience on it for anyone else who might be doing something similar. I was setting out to create an HD Master of a independent film that was shot here in Rochester called Smoking Laws. You can see a trailer online [...]

Final Cut Pro to Avid DS HD Upconvert Conform – STEP 1 of 3

You may ask yourself…why not import the EDL from Final Cut into an HD sequence, then upconvert ALL the raw footage to HD, then conform?  Well that would have been the easiest way, but we’re talking about ALOT O FOOTAGE!  I don’t remember exactly how much footage but over 40 hours of raws would be [...]

Final Cut Pro to Avid DS HD Upconvert Conform – STEP 2 of 3

STEP 2 TASK: Archive all DV Media with handles out to a single Dbeta Tape, send out for HDCAM upconvert, then regrab into an HD timeline. Avid DS has a nice feature built into it for archiving projects. Once a project is complete and you have footage loaded from multiple tapes… You can create an [...]

Final Cut Pro to Avid DS HD Upconvert Conform – STEP 3 of 3

STEP 3 TASK: Now that I had a new EDL matching my SD archive tape, it was time to put together my HD sequence. After testing this process a number of times with my SD archive tape, I sent the tape out for upconverting.  I specified to the lab that I wanted the timecode to [...]