Reality is…?

What is real? And what is hocus pocus (otherwise known in the video world as special effects)? The graphics department here at Crystal Pix was recently challenged with creating a video to sell a concept before it existed in reality. The concept: mall kiosks displaying  full motion graphic advertisements and an interactive map; the reality: [...]

Sound Designing the Addys

“Extraordinary starts from nothing, and takes everything.” What does nothing sound like? What does extraordinary sound like? Wouldn’t it be cool to write the music using only the dialogue from the script? When Crystal Pix producer/director Don Casper approached me about creating a custom music track for the opening video to the 2012 Addy Awards these [...]

Widescreen like you’ve never seen it before.

Back in the day, there was 4×3, then HD came along with 16×9 widescreen for home entertainment, of course there was always Cinemascope widescreen used in theaters to showcase panaoramic shots used in many spaghetti westerns… But for the Addy Awards presentation in 2012, Crystal Pix teamed up with the creative minds at StormFrog to [...]

Connecting The Dots

Shared Connections 2D tracking is a process which analyzes video in order to follow (track) objects on screen. The process can be used to hide, remove, or even add objects to a shot that were not originally in the composition. The objects appear to be locked to the environment while the camera moves. Shared Connections [...]

Exploring a Paychex MicroSite

Recently, Paychex came to us with an idea for a video that needed to play within a new microsite that they were launching.  Actually, it was 3 videos, 2 of which needed to play simultaneously. The first video was a short introduction video that required 1 shot only … a man in a chair sitting [...]

The Sky’s the Limit!

In this age of airport and airline security, it can be difficult to gain the full access you need to shoot a product video on an airplane with all the crew, equipment, lighting, talent, extras and props that you need.  So what do you do in that scenario?  You create the interior of a 737 [...]


In support of the re-branding of the 360|365 George Eastman House Film Festival and inspired by the ad campaign by Partners and Napier, Crystal Pix set out to create memorable trailers to be screened at the front of each film that would promote the festival and work off the concept of the Egg and “Film [...]

The Crystal Pix Diner – Part 1 of 4

It began something like this… When we initially posted the most recent version of the Crystal Pix website we knew we wanted to do something a little more interesting with the “Our People” section. We needed an entertaining way to show the various personalities and backgrounds of the people at Crystal Pix. Our work isn’t [...]

The Crystal Pix Diner – Part 2 of 4

Shooting Day! … Awesome! At this point we’ve figured out who our characters are, and where they’re going to stand. With camera, coffee, and MacBook Pro in tow we headed on over to Carol Cieslinski’s studio, Powerhouse27. Ray set out early that morning to get the lights set up with shooting partner, Eric McMaster (McMaster [...]

The Crystal Pix Diner – Part 3 of 4

Part 3 – Post Production This is where the real magic happens in every project, the spit and polish! We have our 14 photographs (2 for each character) selected and everyone’s agreed that they are acceptable representations of their likeness.  This part of the process was surprisingly easy.  Thankfully we’ve got a talented group of [...]