Homegrown in New York State

Wow, what a day! It was July 30th, 2013 and we had the great pleasure of shooting a commercial for the NY Apple Association featuring soccer superstar Abby Wambach. The theme of the spot was “homegrown in New York State”; perfect for NY apples and for the Rochester, NY native. The spot features several kids [...]

World Class Film Festival with a Small Town Charm

They definitely know how to do it right at the Rome International Film Festival, about an hour and a half outside of Atlanta.  Jim Hughes and I spent two wonderful days getting to know the people and the rich history of Rome, GA, a vibrant small city in the middle of several colleges in the [...]

A People Person

Over the years being in this business, I’ve been forced to become a ‘people person’, which I never thought I would become.  Growing up, I was a relatively shy person. But you know, I’ve met so many people on productions, from all different walks of life and it’s really one of the reasons that I [...]

Rochester High Falls International Film Festival

Back in May, our first independent feature documentary, Signs of the Time,  played at the Rochester High Falls International Film Festival (www.rochestermoviefest.com). It was a very interesting and eye-opening experience for me. First of all, it was great to showcase our film in my hometown of Rochester, NY. But secondly, the theme of the film [...]