Arts and Crafts Project

A helmet cam rig built for an upcoming shoot where the shot needs to be from the point-of-view of the actor.  The shot also requires the actor to use his hands to interact with the shot.     The inspiration for this rig came from the following video.

Upstate New York production in the RED …and that’s a good thing!

Taking advantage of a high-resolution digital cinema workflow doesn’t mean you have to travel far.  In Upstate New York, just outside of Rochester, locally owned Crystal Pix has made significant investments to upgrade its camera and post-finishing gear that provide optimal lens to final master solutions for 4K RED RAW productions. RED cameras have quickly [...]

Pie In The Face

For all you filmmakers out there… here’s the newest short film contest from the folks at the newly-named 360|365 Film Festival here in Rochester, NY. We helped put together this promotional video to announce the theme. Can’t wait to see what entries get sent in for this one!!! See all the entries at: