Caroline Manard

Owner / Animator

With a tried and true recipe for success, you can always count on Caroline to whip you up something tasty. An accomplished designer and animator, she understands the ingredients, the tools and the process required to create something from scratch. Need a flying logo with flair? Easy as pie. A 3D animation of your product in action? She rises to the top. No matter your appetite, when Caroline is cooking up the goods, she'll put the icing on the cake.

Ray Manard

Owner / Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Need a hand telling your story? We know a guy with a few tricks up his sleeves. When it comes to work, Ray is all about knuckling down. Built from scratch and refined by experience, he prides himself on being a creative advocate–endlessly striving to find that fresh approach. You’ll have your hands full finding anyone more relentlessly passionate about their craft. Director. Editor. Cinematographer. Concept Artist. Ray is a true jack-of-all-trades, and yet at the same time, still a master-of-many. And he’s done it a lot… like Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘10,000 hours’ A LOT–so you can rest assured knowing that you’re in the best of hands.

Greg Short

Director - Interactive Media

Greg and technology go way back. We could list every programming language and framework that he’s ever learned, but we’d run out of room in this bio. With an eye for design and mind for development, it’s impossible to say whether he’s an artsy nerd or a nerdy artist–either way you look at it, he’s a custom craftsman. Greg has developed interactive experiences for every industry, device, and demographic. In fact, he built the very website you’re visiting right now. Some people sharpen their tools–Greg builds new toolboxes. Around here we like to think of him as one part Steve Wozniak, one part Steve Jobs… just without the turtle neck.

Anne Mills

Producer / Client Services

Like a duck on the pond, Anne finds her natural habitat amongst the madness of media production. A logistics guru with years of experience and a Rolodex to match, she’s no stranger to navigating uncharted waters. Know anyone that would let you dangle an actor from their four-story building? She does. Trying to arrange a truck and film crew… in New Zealand? No problem. What’s that? You need a private jet, a live goat and a fully-restored 1950 Ford F1? Child’s play. (No kidding, that all happened) Never one to be shy, Anne is always ready to dive right in.

Craig Mullen

Visual Effects / Technologist / Editor

They say you can’t start a fire without a spark, but if there’s a way–Craig’s the guy who will find it. Experimentation is all in a day’s work for our resident mad scientist. Whether he’s immersed in the world of special effects or researching a game plan for next year’s equipment, there’s an exploratory approach to everything he touches. As an editor, he’s no stranger to long hours and an endless litany of new techniques. As our technology virtuoso– he researches, he forecasts, he tinkers and he fixes–just be sure to have a fire extinguisher handy. In short, he’s a master of making the hard stuff look easy.